Thank you for writing this. I think there's a bit of a movement currently showing that microservices are not useful in every project.

A lot of customers and companies put "app must be built using microservice-architecture" as a requirement because you usually read this is a must-have if you want to build any modern and scalable application.

For many applications, starting directly with microservices is not a good choice. Especially if you have a small team. I think your article shows that, while there are perks and benefits, it might not always be the best idea - especially right away. Really thinking about what's important, thinking about how to ensure redundancy in a monolithic application etc. can be worthwile instead of just jumping to microservices. I like your emphasis on "boring" (and maybe simple) code.

I've also written an article about this:

Giving high-five after deciding to use microservices
Giving high-five after deciding to use microservices
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Microservices are great!

Or are they? At least they sound great! Every team can work independently from each other and won’t interfere with the other team. You can maintain and extend them easily. You can try different technologies within the same project. They’re absurdly stable and your product will scale extremely well. No application should be built as a monolith in 2021, right?

Sadly, microservices do not work in every environment and you have to be sure that they provide the value you need before blindly going for them. I’ve seen typical projects where there are 4–6 developers — basically…

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Want to upgrade your .NET application to the next level? Here’s 5 services that fit perfectly and offer a lot of functionality out of the box.

Azure App Service

Let’s start by hosting your application. What’s the easiest and fastest way to host your .NET application on Azure? It’s App Service. With a few clicks directly from the Azure Dashboard you can connect Azure with your repository, create a CI/CD pipeline and have it running. CI/CD can be automatically configured — you can choose between GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps Pipelines. …

If you install Razer Synapse on Big Sur, you’ll notice no devices will be detected and you can’t configure them. Here’s how to fix that.


Why is it not working anymore?

With macOS Big Sur, Apple pushed towards security again. As is often the case with security, the OS got more restrictive by default only allowing signed kernel extensions from allowed developers to be installed. Razer Synapse has not been updated yet to incorporate this — therefore Big Sur will block the kernel extension which is responsible for the interaction with Razer devices.

How to fix

What we’ll need to do is add Razer to the allowed developers for…

The Etsy API still relies on OAuth 1.0 and there’s not a lot of material out there explaining on how to use it — besides the official documentation which can be a bit short at times.

In this article I’m going to show you how you can easily use the Etsy API in ASP.NET Core using C#. The example is also fully compatibel with ASP.NET 5.

The flow

The goal is to get the access token in order to actually send requests to the Etsy API. For this, we need to do the following:

  • Get Login URL from Etsy.
  • Redirect User to…

Are you looking for an easy way to host your Flutter Web App online? With GitHub Pages you can host any static website (including your Flutter Web App) in a matter of minutes. And best of all: It’s free.

Step 1: Set up the repository

First, you will need to create a new repository for your project on GitHub. We’ll name it flutter_appname and make it public.

If you use GitHub for free, then only public repositories are able to host websites.
If you need a private repository, you’ll have to subscribe to GitHub.

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